Hey there fellow woman on a mission!

Building an online business is a lot of work.

But you just know that you are ready to kick that 9-5 to the curb and start to dive deep into your business.

The problem is, you know you need help with your website but are not sure where to find the support you need.

What if your website could be the next step to you becoming wildly successful within your new business?

We are here to tell you that this is entirely possible with the right foundation and tools!

If you are ready to work towards building your brand, standing out in online communities with a groundbreaking breaking website, and ultimately building your empire – you are in the right spot!

Hey there, we are Blank Slate Media Consulting — a small business located in Columbus, OH. We are focused on impacting the online community while exploring the impossible and ignoring boundaries. We strive to be more than we are today and do more than we thought possible.

We are driven by passion.

We are motivated by our passion to serve our clients with a servant’s heart. By providing them with support outside of their website and in all areas of business. We wish to motivate our clients to push outside of their limits and to be more than they ever thought they would be. While providing guidance they will find useful for years to come in their journey as a business owner.

Blank Slate Media Consulting was founded in August 2016 by Ashley Schackow. At twenty-one, she decided enough was enough. As a college student pursing her bachelor’s in business administration, she understood her worth and knew there was more to life. She dreamed of a life outside of her 9-5 that provided her with zero value, support, or satisfaction.

She believed in the power of herself. Ashley wants to serve as a leader, enjoy a balanced life, and focus on making a significant difference in the online community.  Blank Slate Media Consulting was formed based on the values of service and support in the hopes of motivating and guiding entrepreneurs to their fullest potential.