Preparing for a Website Design for the Clueless

Raise your hand if you know you need a website, but are struggling with figuring out how to prep for this big shift within your business?

It’s okay, you are not the only one out there!

As a WordPress website designer, there are many people who come to me and ask how they can best prepare for a website design. Whether they DIY or use a designer, I always advise that having a good foundation is key!

You really need to focus on the foundation in the beginning stages of your website. Having a good foundation will set up for success and provide you with a cohesive website from the beginning of the process. Oh, did I mention it will make it easier for you or your designer to put together your website?! YES!

With that in mind, let’s do a quick overview of the three main areas in the prepping of a website:

  1. Understand Your Business
  2. Build Your Brand
  3. Create Your Dream

Ready, let’s go!

Understand Your Business

What do I mean by this? You need to gain clarity within your business and know exactly what you are good at and what you want your business to be about. If you still are not completely clear on what your business is, you are going to struggle with making a website and moving forward with the process.

Gain clarity and know what you want to do exactly.

From there you can become super duper clear on your audience. Knowing exactly who your ideal client or target audience is is SO important. You have to know who you are designing your website for and who you want to attract to you. Get super specific.

Once you have figured out what your business is and have nailed down your audience you can then focus on what needs your website will serve. Will you be selling products? Are you going to be advertising your programs, or will you simply be serving through the content of a blog?

These are things you need to think about.

Build Your Brand

Once you have accomplished the first portion, the next step is to start to consider how you want your audience to feel when they come to your website. This directly links to the website’s theme, copy, and images. It is an experience that is linked with the colors and parts about you and your business that makes you stand out.

We could talk about this for hours. That’s why there are branding experts who specialize in this.

You get the idea though, right? Let’s move on.

Create Your Dream

This is my favorite part and which I think is the best part of prepping for a website design. When you get to the final portion of the prepping process. You begin to become more excited and maybe overwhelmed.

It’s okay. I want you to know that you are almost there.  And know it WILL happen.

Within my FREE 30 minute mini-course,  The Ultimate Guide to Preparing for a Website I map out how you can create your dream with your web design. Whether you DIY or using a designer, I will walk you through how you can map our your banana, realize if the design is your “thing”, and how to communicate your ideas with your designer.

Not to mention, I also cover more information in regards to understanding your business and building a brand you can be proud of. Join my free resource library below to gain immediate access!


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