Automation For The Busy Bee


I see you right where you are at currently.

Let’s be honest….you wish you had more time on your plate to be able to focus on what you really want to do, right?

This was me just about a month ago before I discovered my ability to take my business, put it on autopilot, and make it run itself. I put all those tasks behind and decided I was going to treat my business like a business as opposed to simply a hobby.

I decided to start making my time count.

That sounds great, Ash, but how?!?!?

It took me almost a year to be able to figure out how to make a real punch with my business while only really working three days out of the week. With a full-time job, school, and other things, it was simply too much to try to cram everything during my evenings or worse that and my days off. I finally decided that I was going to show up for my business three days a week and make it count.

Those three days I make a punch, has turned out to be the most productive days out of my week. I have found more energy, motivation, and drive to all areas of my life. Which is extremely important when you are an entrepreneur, right?!

How did I do it? I’m glad you have asked.


Has been a game changer for me and my business. How does Dubsado fit into the automation process as a busy bee? As a busy bee with lots of clients, you can keep track of all your leads, your clients, invoicing, legal documents, and so. much. more. It’s at the top of my list because I could not live without Dubsado making it easy peasy to manage my clients. I save time by having all my clients notes and everything right there to access while working on the project. Also, the simple fact that it can create automatic workflows to keep me organized is real gold.  You can grab access to Dubsado with the promo code “DELUCA” for a special treat for both of us!


This gem has allowed me to be able to get organized on a whole other level. Previously I was using Trello which worked for me for some time. However, when I discovered Airtable, it changed my business organization forever. My favorite aspect on Airtable is the content calendar I created on there. As you can see below, I have a tab for each area I cover. Each tab is set up a bit differently to fit the needs. A tour of my content calendar is in the making, but for now you can see the different tabs and how it is set up!

Airtable is so incredibly useful because I start with writing a blog post and work my way across the tabs to write content and promote. It makes it SO incredibly easy to repurpose my content and also track how I am doing in each section. I can then have my VA schedule the posts I create in Airtable into Buffer to send out into the world. This method has saved me so much time and I am not constantly wondering what content I need to make next.


Ah, did you see this one coming? Buffer has provided me with such a major advantage to be able to post in my group and on all my social media platforms with a click of a button. After I write everything in Airtable, my VA schedules in into Buffer. From there, I am able to not worry about it (minus Insta!). As opposed to wanting to know if I need to post again or if I am being active enough, it does it all for me. I also preschedule some of my group posts here too. I’m absolutely in love with this tool and how easy it is to be able to schedule in posts as opposed to Hootsuite!


And finally, last but not least, RecurPost. For this tool, I have created two libraries of evergreen content that I am always pushing out. First, on my business page, I am always sharing my blog posts on my page. Secondly, I am in the process of launching a quote library that will be going into my group once a day. I add them in, set it up, and don’t ever have to worry about it again. It’s amazing and such a useful tool to help keep fresh content out there for your visitors. I do not doubt for any moment, it will grow out of control as more entrepreneurs look to automate their business a bit more.

These four tools have allowed me to be able to become more productive and focused on what really counts within my business.  I hope this has helped you to be able to see how these tools can benefit you to help uplevel your business no matter where you are at!

Grab a free checklist with all of these tools listed for easy reference! Simply input your name and email to gain access to the checklist and so. much. more.

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