Overcoming Bad Discovery Calls

Insecurities are not just within your personal life, but they can also float into your business too.

Trust me, I will be the first to admit I have some. #truth

And I will also be the one to tell you that it is completely okay. Running a business is not always sunshine and rainbows. But when you hit those dark moments where you start to have those insecurities how will you overcome them?

It’s a #bizlesson time that I learned myself just a couple weeks ago. 

The majority of us offer some sort of discovery call within our business, right? It connects you with potential clients to see if you would be a good fit and to learn more about the project.

But have you ever booked a discovery call with someone only to have them cancel a couple hours before with a simple note stating you were not needed anymore? It’s a real punch in the gut, right? Like gosh, darn it.

I don’t know about you, but I always get excited about my discovery calls. I love to get on the phone with other female entrepreneurs who love their biz as much as I do mine!

Obviously, I was a bit disappointed when it happened.

This is when those insecurities started to set in making me think I was not good enough to be a website designer or that I was just not ever going to make the cut and make it past that 3 figure month. (Whaaaat?!)

No way, chica. I soon after journaled it out, chatted with a friend, and was back on my feet again ready to take on the world.

BUT if it happens to you or if you simply have a bad discovery call, remember these three statements:

1. It’s okay to feel feelings. (Tough cookie not required here!)

I have been in business since August of 2016. I have also cried just as many times as months I have been in business. It’s completely okay to be frustrated with a client. To binge on some ice cream in celebration of a completed project. I’m here to tell you it is completely okay. We are all human. You were hired because you are a remarkable human. Believe it, but know you it is okay to feel feelings.

2. Know they may not have been your ideal client. (Leaving the door open for who actually is!)

When I first started out, I felt like I needed to make everyone my ideal client. I realized a couple months into my business how wrong I was. It took me almost a year to figure out who I wanted to work with and who I enjoyed working with. It takes time and sometimes, some misfit clients to show you the way. Especially with still working a 9-5, I leave room to work with clients who vibe well with me. That way I enjoy the time I work on their projects and not dread it because I’m designing something that doesn’t work with my style. Make sense?

3. You might have saved yourself from a bad experience. (You are being watched after!)

I have had some rough discovery calls that I was still able to convert. However, it should have been a sign that I should have hit the “next” button with by moving on to the next potential client. Whether the fit was forced or reassurance had to been made for the outcome of the project, waiting for a good fit is so worth it. I would have saved myself from a nightmare of a client had I taken note of the discovery call. God is totally watching out for you! Take the hint on your next discovery call, girl!

No matter what, don’t forget that you are an amazing star and the right client will see how bright you shine! I’m being serious. Soon after this happened, I had someone message me on Facebook who booked a call right away and immediately shared with me that she wanted to work with me. Bounce back from those rough discovery calls and focus on that next potential client!

If you need some more help with discovery calls, grab my Exclusive 5 Question Discovery Call Method to help you sign more clients so you never fumble through a discovery call again. Woohoo!


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