Becoming Organized as a Solopreneur

Let’s face it — when you are doing it all yourself or even with a VA, it can become hard to stay organized! I would love to say that I have been super organized since day one of my business. However, that would not be entirely true whatsoever. Since I started in August of 2016, it has been a process of trial and error and understanding how to stay organized and effective all at the same time.

Woah — both at the same time?! YES, at the same time.

Let’s start with what did not work in my business:

  • Just winging it. (Oh heck no!)
  • Hoping I would remember everything including the little requests made by clients.
  • Pretending I had everything together and organized.

None of these worked or were realistic for my business model. I constantly had emails coming in and out which has caused some major issues with losing track of tasks. (Not to mention those important meetings and deadlines!)

Big, uh-oh! It was getting super messy, disorganized, and made me more overwhelmed than ever before.

It was getting super messy, disorganized, and made me more overwhelmed than ever before. #fail

Truth: it happens to everyone! In the mix of everything, we sometimes can lose track of (what seems like) everything. Especially when business is good and we get super busy, it becomes harder to remember the little things. We are only human, right?

Truth is, it is okay to admit you need help.

I knew something had to change and it started with the organization aspect of my business. I was tired of feeling like I did not have it all together. I did not want to lose out on opportunities to make my business stand out from the rest.

How did I do it?

I took a step back to see where I was really “losing” it at. I looked at my business as a whole to see where I really felt overwhelmed at and what just got caught up in it. I decided I was not going to feel that way anymore and wanted to make changes to never let it happen again.

Guess what, it still happens. But now that I have implemented these new strategies and tools, I feel so much better about my business as a whole. I feel confident when I pitch to new clients and less overwhelmed when things get busy. I have my systems to put me into place and to keep me going on track.

Here are two areas I struggled in and how I fixed them:

Problem: Task organization w/ my VA

Solution: Trello

Trello allows me to quickly input tasks for my VA and gives her the ability to sort them as she works through them. Not only will Trello help keep you and your VA organized, but it will also help increase productivity.  You will be able to quickly identify the tasks you need to complete and focus on them right away. It’s amazing and pure gold. You have the freedom to create your board and lists how you want to customize your needs. I simply keep it simply with a list of tasks and an area to put where they are completed.

Problem: Client management using 1000x programs

Solution: Dubsado

Dubsado was sent from God to entrepreneurs.  This tool completely transformed my business and has allowed me to organize my leads, clients, project tasks, my calendar, bookkeeping, and so much more like a freakin’ boss. It’s pure riches from heaven what you can do with Dubsado. This is so worth the monthly fee and has saved me more time than you can ever imagine once I had it all up and going. I also have a promo code if interested that will save you some dough when you decide to invest. 😉

Seriously though, becoming organized when you are the only one keeping yourself accountable is difficult.  I can promise you, in the long run, it is worth it to put systems into place and to invest in the tools that will help you increase your productivity and in turn, increase your profit.

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